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    We are a Canadian consulting firm that decodes today’s world of decentralized finance, bitcoin, digital assets, and artificial intelligence for businesses.


Ready for blockchain and AI?

We focus on helping businesses embrace the technologies at the heart of the next industrial revolution.

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, technologies such as decentralized finance, bitcoin, digital assets, and artificial intelligence represent transformative forces. These innovations not only revolutionize traditional business models by enhancing efficiency and creating new value streams but also offer a strategic advantage to early adopters.

By embracing these technologies, businesses can gain significant competitive edges, such as improved security, increased transparency, and access to global markets, much like the early days of the internet. Conversely, companies that delay adoption risk falling behind, as these technologies redefine industry standards and consumer expectations, potentially making late adopters obsolete. Engaging with these technologies now is crucial for future-proofing your business and seizing market opportunities.

What We Do

We are pioneering education, mentoring, and facilitation for businesses when it comes to emerging disruptive technologies.


Defieh provides essential education services to businesses by delivering insights and knowledge about the latest developments in technologies like decentralized finance and artificial intelligence. This includes crucial information on governmental regulations and legal precedents, empowering businesses to stay compliant and informed as they adopt these cutting-edge technologies.


Through its mentoring services, Defieh assists companies in integrating digital assets into their balance sheets and selecting the appropriate technologies that align with their strategic goals. This hands-on guidance helps businesses effectively manage and leverage digital transformations, ensuring they make informed decisions that drive success.


Defieh acts as a bridge between businesses and leaders in the digital assets and artificial intelligence sectors. By facilitating introductions and fostering beneficial relationships, Defieh helps companies tap into a network of innovation, enhancing their capabilities and competitive edge in the marketplace. This service is vital for businesses looking to rapidly adapt and excel in the blockchain era.

Meet our founders

We are passionate about digital assets and artificial intelligence.

Doris Orr

Risk Optimizer

Doris is an accomplished CPA, CA with a primary focus on Risk Optimization. Her 25+ years in the corporate world culminated in a role as the Chief Risk Officer at Vancity, Canada’s largest credit union, after 20+ years at KPMG and XL Capital (a global re/insurance company) creating risk-based solutions within the boundaries of legal/regulatory frameworks.

Christian Lind

Bitcoin & Decentralization Advocate

Christian is an award-winning marketing strategist who has been consulting for tech giants like Microsoft and serving on the advisory boards of forward-thinking startups developing 3D printing, blockchain, and disrupting technologies. Christian has been learning about Bitcoin since 2011 and has been an advocate for sustainable mining and decentralization.

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